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Filema is the gesture with which you can recognize friends, unespressione, a sign, an old word that was not chosen at random, because it arose from the attendance of young students and teachers during nights spent together around a book, asking questions, looking for reasons unexpected times and places.

Experience that repeats itself always in the stories of the stories of literature and philosophy. Many times it happened and will happen many times.

Will be different circumstances, the hours, but have had and still have the same emotion and the magic of the evening. Will be the same shadows and memories, and words.

Those readings contained in the sharing of a passion to know you were exercises in search of new instruments for digging the unthought, that which is documented, written and to write. Then we discover that beyond the philology of the debt, which returns a text to its historic surroundings, is the philosophy of the voice, the one made at his own expense and risk, handing the book to their own time, the range of times different kinds and they run together in the world. Who saw us outside, taken by the passion of that question and see in books as if they were illustrations of the mind, travel, corridors and landscapes of ideas, he said, as guards Lysis, who were friends, just when we tried to say without finding a definition of friendship.

Then came Camerota, the red earth paths that declines between geranium and broom, as measured by the passed leading to the sea in the distance of the green olive trees. The sun picks between the blue of water and sky. Camerota became a legend. Risked his poetry. The charm. But Camerota was a place of education and training, a seminar open, outside the walls. The meeting of different words that try to meet outside the fences.

Outdoors. The second they get us back on June 7 at the Village Villamarina. It's been that way for years. Then came Filema, came the books. The pleasure of the breeze. Forms. The search for knowledge outside of codified knowledge. A pact between literature and philosophy, and releasing each other from the history of philosophy and literature, and genres to discover differences. Filema is a house of books and sentimental education. Because the house is a place of shelter and education. He has his ways: one style. Filema is a political project, which moves from the self and the encounter with the other / a. The first book is Love Filema world difference.

A Sentimental education.                         

                                                                                          P.F. e S.M.

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