Copertina EURIPIDE,
The Trojan Women
Edited by G. Ferraro, with an introduction by R. Bodei Parallel Greek text 
pp. 175
Euro: 11,87 - ISBN: 88-86358-04-8
The destiny of the vanquished, against the backdrop of a city on fire, is the setting of this wonderful Euripides tragedy. Death, suffering, exile are not just the experience of those defeated in a long war, but the threat hanging over any man and woman.
Naples in the Time of Bomba
Edited by G. Poole Parallel English text 
pp. 116
Euro: 9,29 - ISBN: 88-86358-05-9
The Poem of Herman Melville, entitled Naples in the Time of Bomba, describes the writer’s carriage city tour, while visiting Naples during Carnival, from 18th to 24th February 1857.
The Dreams of Philosophy Explained by the Dreams of Psychoanalysis
Edited by J.-M. Rey Parallel original text 
pp. 127
Euro: 9,29 - ISBN: 88-86358-06-7
The book, edited by J. M. Rey, reconstructs the history of Descartes’ fantasies, that M. Leroy submits to Freud, and their interpretation, while reintroducing the wider problem of the relationship between psychoanalysis and philosophy.
Copertina Miranda Miranda,
Gorgeous Queen
The story of Maria d'Avalos and Fabrizio Carafa in the 16th Century Naples 
pp. 152
Euro: 10,33 - ISBN: 88-86358-34-2
An intense novel of vibrous passions: the domineering love, hatred, music. It tells the event that in 1590 shocked the city of Naples by the excellence of the protagonists: Maria d'Avalos d’Aragona, her husband Carlo Gesualdo, Prince of Venosa, considered as the main Italian madrigalist, and Fabrizio Carafa. The novel recalls the love between Maria and Fabrizio, investigates the reasons and the deep motivations that brought the lovers to the choice of death as an extreme challange.
Copertina Edmund Husserl,
The Inner Time-Consciousness
Translation and introduction by G. Ferraro 
pp. 180
Euro: 12,91 - ISBN: 88-86358-50-4
It is the 20th century’s most complete analysis of the inner time consciousness. The expression of a course that Husserl held in 1905, the text was edited by Edith Stein and published by Heidegger, with his own introduction pointing out the progress made by phenomenology, starting from Logical Investigations, but also the doubts about the concept of intentionality.


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