Copertina Ernst Troeltsch,
Writings on Philosophy of Religion
Translation and introduction by Sergio Sorrentino. Preface by Giuseppe Cantillo 
pp. 220
Euro: 15,00 - ISBN: 88-86358-62-8
The essays collected in this book deal with the central issue of historicity of religion. Historical effectiveness is visible in the whole gamut of human experiences, present in religion: representations, volitions, feelings and passions.
Copertina Fatima Curzio,
The Dragon Throne
pp. 220
Euro: 15,00 - ISBN: 88-86358-64-4
Set in imperial China at the threshold of the 20th century, during the last years of Manchu Dynasty, this wonderful novel combines faithful historical reconstruction and captivating plot with an unexpected ending. Through the story of three characters, the writer, an expert sinologist, recalls the human tragedies and the revolutionary tensions of the Forbidden City, at the time of the tyrannical and cruel Empress Regent’s death.
Copertina Giuseppe Ferraro,
Philosophy in Prison. Meetings with the Minors of Nisida
Winner of the non-fiction prize "Viaggio a Siracusa", 2002. Winner of the literary prize "Pozzale Luigi Russo", 2002 
pp. 120
Euro: 7,75 - ISBN: 88-86358- 69-5
The book tells in an essential and touching way the story of five meetings in Philosophy with adolescents from a detention centre, their amazement in listening to a different word, their desire for understanding themselves and the world, their fear of being exposed, their discovery that is possible to establish relationships inside and outside, beyond a logic of backscratching and violence.
Copertina Nando dalla Chiesa,
I Am the Law. A Chronicle of a Republican Life in Berlusconi’s Italy
pp. 120
Euro: 10,33 - ISBN: 88-86358-57-1
This book brings together a selection of articles on justice, thought and written in real time, to recount parliamentary events that marked an intensive year of debate and confrontation, sometimes very hard and crucial for the fabric of democracy. A time difficult to forget, that this books revives.
Copertina Maria Zambrano,
Notes of a Method
Translation and introduction by Stefania Tarantino 
pp. 110
Euro: 14,00 - ISBN: 88-86358-63-6
Notes of a Method is amongst the last works of the Spanish thinker and revolves around the question of poetic reason. They are "notes" for Zambrano hints at the fragmentary, musical character of thought, rather than the logical-rational one.


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