Copertina Nando dalla Chiesa,
The war and the peace explained from my son
pp. 52
Euro: 5,00 - ISBN: 88-86358-60-1
Italy and the peace, politics and the peace. But above all the peace and the new generations, the peace and the citizens who do not make politics. They are these topics in recent months enters you of overbearingness in our life and daily argument, producing collective identities, emotions and also new symbols. Nando dalla Chiesa, than from always loves to see and to understand politics from the part of the movements, has made interpreter of this originates them sensibility, of this wants to construct one culture of peace beyond the terms of the old pacifism. This book collects articles and participations on the idea of the war in the contemporary western world and on the nature and the symbols of the movement, to leave above all from the flags of the peace that have invaded the Italian cities, but along report (that it gives to the title it to the book) of a nocturnal dialogue with the son on the limits of politics of the “Ulivo” of forehead to the question of peace of the young people. In the age of the books in which they are the parents to "explaining the sons", this agile and incisive booklet turns upside down the perspective and listens to the radicalità of the young people that do not make politics but they have elaborated of own the irreducible ideals.
Copertina Edmund Husserl,
Phenomenology and Psychology
Edited by Anna Donise 
pp. 96
Euro: 6,00 - ISBN: 88-86358-61-X
The essay Phenomenology and Psychology, which Husserl wrote in 1916, deals with the unresolved problem of the relationship between logical laws and the human psyche, that is, between ideal and objective principles, mathematical laws and individuals with their personal histories, emotions, feelings, most of the time producing contradictions and fluctuations of consciousness. It is exactly the consciousness, conceived by Husserl as internal and external, consciousness of the self and of the world, that constitutes the dividing line between phenomenology and psychology.
Copertina AA. VV.,
Living. Differences and Expressions
pp. 236
Euro: 10,33 - ISBN: 88-86358-03-2
The body, exposed to the interpretations of knowledge, and the practices of women writing and listening, constitute the very core of these contributions, given during a conference of philosophy in Marina di Camerata. Their aim is to stress the importance of the buried heritage of feminine experience, as it secretly works in our cultural history.
Copertina AA. VV.,
The Place of Differences
pp. 245
Euro: 8,26 - ISBN: 88-86358-02-4
The place is not indifferent. Places are people who live in them, things said and remembered there, literary excerpts, in which we can find unexpected shelter for what we cannot say, that someone offers to us, throught his/her writing.
Copertina Giuseppe Ferraro,
The School of Feelings. From the Emotional Literacy to the Emotional Education
pp. 150
Euro: 10,00 - ISBN: 88-86358-58-X
After the success of his first two books, Philosophy explained to children, whose third edition is in print, and Philosophy in prison, winner of two awards, the author deals with the question of emotional education, recounting the experience of a course held in a primary and a secondary school. The book recalls the methods used in the different stages of the course and reintroduces representations and conversations. It appears, therefore, as a true working tool for the didactics of feelings.


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