Copertina G.FERRARO - S. MARINO,
Love difference world (A Sentimental Education)
pp. 128
Euro: 10,32 - ISBN: 88-86358-00-8
A man and a woman facing each other: is love still a feeling which concerns us, is waiting for us? There is nothing in common between a man and a woman, yet we share the same word, the same blue sky and the world we live in.
Summer 1980
Translated into Italian by A. Correale 
pp. 197
Euro: 9,29 - ISBN: 88-86358-04-0
Duras’ first political novel was born of the newspaper Libération’s request for a chronicle of summer 1980. Important events such as the Bologna massacre or the strike in Danzig are mingled with an impossible love, observed by the writer, between a girl and a child, a period that nothing can fill, just as that between the writer and Yann Andréa, to whom these pages are dedicated.
Astral Womb
Edited by B. e P. Malquori 
pp. 227
Euro: 10,32 - ISBN: 88-86358-08-3
A shocking, obscene and delicate novel, the story of a married woman who, in the thrill of an unconventional and disquieting writing, defies not only conventional morals, but the very codes of communication, in an extreme, unshakable, total desire of being herself.
Painful Garden
Edited by T. Haapiainen 
pp. 274
Euro: 13,42 - ISBN: 88-86358-15-6
A collection of poems written in the span of her life, cut short at the age of thirty-one by tuberculosis. They reveal an ancient, mythical and vital feeling for nature, inhabited by the sylvan and aquatic spirits of her childhood and by women full of desire and abandon for an unrequited love.
pp. 153
Euro: 10,32 - ISBN: 88-86358-16-4
Strawberries is the evocative title of one of these ten short stories. The main characters are women whom the writer describes in a simple and captivating style, while grasping with delicacy and sensuality their feelings, their passions, their anxieties and fears, the joy of their everyday life as well as their unsatisfied desires.

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