Paul Valéry. The Adventure of a Literary Work
pp. 172
Euro: 11,87
An author who, in order to build a poetics, begins to speak of "original simplicity" and creates a second-degree "utility", a variety of needs that have at once to be excited and satisfied.
Copertina AA.VV.,
Chaosmos, Domestic Non-filter Cigarettes
Texts by T. Ottonieri, G. Alfano, C. Colletta, G. Maffei, P. Mancini, G. Frasca, G. Frezza, P. Valesio, B. Moroncini Edited by V. Frescura 
pp. 137
Euro: 8,26 - ISBN: 88-86358-01-6
An anti-rhetorical exercise, a tell of Italy and of Italians, that forces first of all the word to watch over the slides toward insignificance, engraved by languages, not least political.
Copertina AA.VV.,
Chaosmos, We Repair Dolls. On narrative Practice
Edited by B. Moroncini e F.C. Papparo 
pp. 208
Euro: 8,26 - ISBN: 88-86358-10-5
Is there still a place for "narration"? For a writing where the important thing is not the "told", the facts list, but the narrative stream? Blanchot and Manganelli, Beckett, Kafka and Celan are revisited to go back to the writing’s emptiness, to its fullness, when the reader perceives that the text speaks of genocide, death and the tangle we all are made of.
Archive Fever. A Freudian Impression
Translated into Italian by G. Scibilia 
pp. 130
Euro: 12,39 - ISBN: 88-86358-07-5
The most important thinker of our days discusses, through the Freudian concept of archive, the future of psychoanalysis and its relationship with the new technologies producing a subversion of the memory.
The Poet and Philosophy: Philosophy, Morals and Religion in G. Leopardi
(An Interpretative Essay) 
pp. 135
Euro: 8,26 - ISBN: 88-86358-41-3
What does a poet ask of philosophy? And what happens to philosophy when a poet questions its sense? With this study the author reads Leopardi beyond the still open question of whether he was a poet or a philosopher.

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