The Game of Masca
pp. 130
Euro: 9,29 - ISBN: 88-86358-20-2
The Game of Masca, Half Watermelon, The Wakefulness of the Reason are the three short stories of this book, absolutely amazing in its imaginative power and plot, alternating between Gothic style and Renaissance novel. Three morbid and engaging tales for adults, capable of plunging the reader into a fantastic and sensual world, among magical rites, witchcrafts and incantations.
Sold Out
Preface by Gian Luigi Rondi 
pp. 120
Euro: 10,32 - ISBN: 88-86358-22-0
The author, head of the Paramount press office for twenty years, relates the history of the cinema from a particular perspective, revealing the life behind the scenes, the tragedies, the love affairs, the fears of many movie stars. A parade of memories, of familiar and beloved faces, such as Anna Magnani, Sofia Loren, William Holden, Jerry Lewis and many others.
The Never-Ever Lovers
pp. 161
Euro: 7,74 - ISBN: 88-86358-21-08
Ironic, hilarious and rich in sentences, Samuele Scettriā€™s first novel is like an on-line story. Young people, in search of a love not-resistent to the words intended to provoke it, move among obstacles, paradoxes and misunderstandings, typical of anyone who tries to find proof and reasons that do not exist.
East of Cipango
pp. 159
Euro: 10,32 - ISBN: 88-86358-24-5
In these three wonderful short stories, the writer interlaces the destinies of three characters whose lives crossed, just for a fleeting moment. Amedeo, a noble exiled from the pre-Risorgimento Italy, is on a boat taking him to a nameless island. Chiaffredo works as a sailor on the same boat; his journey ends in India, in the hot and wet womb of the land. Maria abandons everything for Teodoro and follows him to Greece. Exhausted by her passion, she lets herself slowly drawn into a life that she does not possess.
pp. 212
Euro: 10,32 - ISBN: 88-86358-13-X
The present and the past alternate in the story of a woman who, forced to leave her land, Irpinia, in the post-war period, builds a solid and safe existence in Switzerland. However, the past comes back and the call of her land is too strong to be suffocated by the everyday rhythm of a life, devoted to the care of her children and husband.


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