Copertina AA.VV.,
Letters from University
Edited by L. Muraro and P.A. Rovatti 
pp. 230
Euro: 13,42 - ISBN: 88-86358-41-3
This volume has for intention to reveal a secret and, while denouncing it, describes a usually buried and silent reality. In this recognition of academic life, the presence of women assumes considerable importance. It shows not only their passionate participation in the renewal of academic life, but above all their refusal of the dynamics of power and their proposal for an alternative relational practice.
Copertina AA.VV.,
On the Dispersal of Truth
(The Philosophers: The Reason, The Insanity) Texts by M. Dixsaut, M. Vegetti, R. De Monticelli, G. Borrelli, B. Nacci, B.M. D'Ippolito, B. Impegno, R. Bonito Oliva, G. Cantillo, R. Petrillo, S. Finzi, A. Mele, F. Ciaramelli, G. Ferraro, F.C. Papparo, F. Di Paolo. Edited by Gianfranco Borrelli and Felice Ciro Papparo 
pp. 374
Euro: 15,49 - ISBN: 88-86358-28-8
These collected contributions are the result of an international meeting on philosophy organised in the University of Naples. They showe, through a variety of styles and voices, that philosophy, as a wisdom and art of inter-locution, claims the right to exist in a world increasingly in need of plurality and differences.
Copertina J.F. LYOTARD,
The Confession of Augustine
Translated into Italian by S. Marino 
pp. 90
Euro: 14,46 - ISBN: 88-86358-36-9
Published for the first time in Italy, the last book of the French philosopher, recently departed, was edited by the publisher Galilée at the end of 1998. It is a stimulating journey into the Augustinian text, from which it takes its expressive intensity and narrative strength.
Copertina AAVV.,
Philosophy Explained to Children
Edited by G. Ferraro 
pp. 100
Euro: 7,74 - ISBN: 88-86358-37-7
This book relates the extraordinary experience of an experimental course in Philosophy in the primary school of a small town in Campania. It consists of a presentation by the editor, course leader, containing precise methodological and didactic suggestions, and contributions from the many teachers who participated actively in the experiment, by giving the necessary graphic and musical tools, plus a collection of amazingly beautiful and intense short texts written by the children.
The Mute Language and Other Banjamin’s Essays
pp. 262
Euro: 12,91 - ISBN: 88-86358-48-2
There have been many different interpretations of Walter Benjamin’s thought: this book offers an open political-revolutionary interpretation, making a sort of battlefield of the German thinker’s work, where idealism and materialism confront each other in what Althusser defined a class struggle in theory.


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