Jeanne d’Arc
Translation and afterword by Nicola Muschitiello 
pp. 200
Euro: 10,32 - ISBN: 88-86358-39-3
Published in France in 1853 by Hachette, this book by the great historian Michelet is the most beautiful story ever written on the life of the Maid of Orleans. As it is typical in Michelet, this is not a simple history book but a lively and passionate story of the young lady’s human and political adventures, reconstructed since her childhood.
The Charming Rendez-vous
Translation and afterword by Nicola Muschitiello 
pp. 60
Euro: 7,74 - ISBN: 88-86358-47-4
The Charming Rendez-vous is a wonderful love story, told by an old lady from Paris and set on a Creole island. The protagonists are two young ladies. One is barely an adolescent and the other is in the radiance of her youth, ravaged by a devouring love that she will abandon at the end to find herself.
Copertina G.FERRARO - S. MARINO,
Love difference world (A Sentimental Education)
pp. 128
Euro: 10,32 - ISBN: 88-86358-00-8
A man and a woman facing each other: is love still a feeling which concerns us, is waiting for us? There is nothing in common between a man and a woman, yet we share the same word, the same blue sky and the world we live in.
Summer 1980
Translated into Italian by A. Correale 
pp. 197
Euro: 9,29 - ISBN: 88-86358-04-0
Duras’ first political novel was born of the newspaper Libération’s request for a chronicle of summer 1980. Important events such as the Bologna massacre or the strike in Danzig are mingled with an impossible love, observed by the writer, between a girl and a child, a period that nothing can fill, just as that between the writer and Yann Andréa, to whom these pages are dedicated.
Astral Womb
Edited by B. e P. Malquori 
pp. 227
Euro: 10,32 - ISBN: 88-86358-08-3
A shocking, obscene and delicate novel, the story of a married woman who, in the thrill of an unconventional and disquieting writing, defies not only conventional morals, but the very codes of communication, in an extreme, unshakable, total desire of being herself.


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