Copertina AA.VV.,
Unusual Tangles
(Ways of Suffering and Freedom Practices) Edited by Gianfranco Borrelli and Felice Ciro Papparo 
pp. 300
Euro: 15,49 - ISBN: 88-86358-51-2
The reflection focuses on the many ways in which Western Philosophy has been shaping subjectivity as a precipitation point for different experiences. It gives birth to a sort of multidisciplinary ‘banquet’, where moral, aesthetic, psychoanalysis/psychiatry, anthropology and political theory, inextricably interweave to imagine the status of an increasingly individualized subjectivity.
Copertina Edmund Husserl,
The Inner Time-Consciousness
Translation and introduction by G. Ferraro 
pp. 180
Euro: 12,91 - ISBN: 88-86358-50-4
It is the 20th century’s most complete analysis of the inner time consciousness. The expression of a course that Husserl held in 1905, the text was edited by Edith Stein and published by Heidegger, with his own introduction pointing out the progress made by phenomenology, starting from Logical Investigations, but also the doubts about the concept of intentionality.
Copertina Hans-Georg Gadamer,
Writings on Parmenides
pp. 150
Euro: 16,00 - ISBN: 88-86358-66-0
For the first time are collected and translated in one volume the writings that the founder of hermeneutics dedicated, for half a century, to the father of Western philosophy. Admirable synthesis of philological rigour and philosophical passion, the confrontation between Gadamer and Parmenides, as well as its historical "effects", appear to be a fertile soil where the great German thinker, recently departed, put into practice his interpretative theories.
Copertina Adriano Vinale,
Oracle and Profecy
pp. 168
Euro: 9,00 - ISBN: 88-86358-56-3
The result of an experimental application of the ethical-political analysis to literature, this book presents the results of a linguistic and conceptual inquiry into the Greek oracle and the Judaic-Christian prophecy.
Copertina Ernst Troeltsch,
Writings on Philosophy of Religion
Translation and introduction by Sergio Sorrentino. Preface by Giuseppe Cantillo 
pp. 220
Euro: 15,00 - ISBN: 88-86358-62-8
The essays collected in this book deal with the central issue of historicity of religion. Historical effectiveness is visible in the whole gamut of human experiences, present in religion: representations, volitions, feelings and passions.


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