Copertina AA. VV.,
The Place of Differences
pp. 245
Euro: 8,26 - ISBN: 88-86358-02-4
The place is not indifferent. Places are people who live in them, things said and remembered there, literary excerpts, in which we can find unexpected shelter for what we cannot say, that someone offers to us, throught his/her writing.
Copertina Giuseppe Ferraro,
The School of Feelings. From the Emotional Literacy to the Emotional Education
pp. 150
Euro: 10,00 - ISBN: 88-86358-58-X
After the success of his first two books, Philosophy explained to children, whose third edition is in print, and Philosophy in prison, winner of two awards, the author deals with the question of emotional education, recounting the experience of a course held in a primary and a secondary school. The book recalls the methods used in the different stages of the course and reintroduces representations and conversations. It appears, therefore, as a true working tool for the didactics of feelings.
Copertina F.C. Papparo - A. Dell'Anna,
The Unpresentable. On the Primary Nature of Trauma
pp. 224
Euro: 20,00 - ISBN: 88-86358-59-8
This book, written by a philosopher and a psychiatrist, recognises the principle of the notion of trauma. It proposes to discover its extent and its normality, beyond the concept of "single and accidental event" and thinking of it as a "constant psychic component of mankind", as it is linked to the crucial question of any human being, the relationship to descent.


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