On Truth and Lie of an Extra-moral Sense
Translated by G. Ferraro Parallel original text 
pp. 112
Euro: 5,16 - ISBN: 88-86358-23-7
This is the first translation with parallel text to be presented in Italy of Nietzsche’s text. It inaugurates and encourages the 20th century philosophic reflection. A book at the origin of the century allowing a more incisive reading of the relationship between language and expression, logic and morals, metaphysics and the metaphor.
The Truth of Europe and the Idea of Community
The Lesson of E. Husserl 
pp. 127
Euro: 5,16 - ISBN: 88-86358-25-3
The book gathers together and comments Husserl’s most suggestive pages on the idea of community in relation to the truth of Europe. A relationship that is at the origin of any philosophy confronting history not as a resigned recording of events, but as a genealogy of what happens and has to be known.
Copertina ERRI DE LUCA,
The Urgency of Freedom
The Jubilee and the Sacred Years in Their Original Version from Leviticus/Vaikrà 
pp. 55
Euro: 5,16 - ISBN: 88-86358-33-4
A song of freedom and deliverance from slavery, these verses claim the urgency of liberating mankind and the earth from any yoke. Erri De Luca’s dense and penetrating writing gives us the Jubilee’s lost sense of sacredness, celebrating the return from any slavery and the traces of the intimacy between mankind and the earth, that history buried in blood and injustice.
The Mute Language and Other Banjamin’s Essays
pp. 262
Euro: 12,91 - ISBN: 88-86358-48-2
There have been many different interpretations of Walter Benjamin’s thought: this book offers an open political-revolutionary interpretation, making a sort of battlefield of the German thinker’s work, where idealism and materialism confront each other in what Althusser defined a class struggle in theory.
Copertina ERRI DE LUCA,
In Praise of the Utmost Fear
The Second Psalm 
pp. 45
Euro: 5,16 - ISBN: 88-86358-45-8
Erri De Luca comments the second Psalm that exalts an emotion, the fear of God, impoverished for the modern believer, who gets rid and feels discharged of it. The modern believer takes the confidence and the familiarity with a Good-natured God for the shiver that shook patriarchs and prophets, moved the earth’s borders and separated these men from the rest of mankind to make of them the elect.


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