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The Invisible Power. Feminine Symbols and Representation between Myth and History
Edited by Claudia Montepaone, Simona Marino and Marisa Tortorelli Ghidini 
pp. 250
Euro: 12,91 - ISBN: 88-86358-68-7
The main issues here concern the practices of feminine power and counter-power and the consequent forms of cultural and social control. The various contributions share the need to grasp an indivisible, yet not unambigous, connection between feminine identity and power relationships, wherein such identity redefines and reorganises itself. They all follow the gender perspective as a key to interpret different disciplines as well as historical and symbolical contexts.
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Disguises and Metamorphosis. Paths of Gender Identity through Epochs and Cultures
Edited by Laura Guidi and Annamaria Lamarra. With colour iconografic body 
pp. 200
Euro: 15,49 - ISBN: 88-86358-65-2
Women storming onto the political scene, literally or metaphorically up in arms, heiresses masculated by the jurists, widows for whom the loss of the husband marks the assumption of masculine powers and duties, mutants who, in the span of their life, play alternately both sexual roles, the provokative bodies of bearded dancers...The more memory enters the depths of society, the more it seems to deny the binary codification of sexual identity, whereas science and law continue to stress it.

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